One Amazing Night

August 24, 2008

I arrived at the main house on our summer property to find people gathering in the parlor around a fire.  The guys staying there sang and danced, entertaining us all.  As the night wound down it was me and three guys sitting around the fire. 

Fireman and I had been flirting all night.  Finally he looks at me and says “Let’s play hide and seek.  When you find me I’ll get naked.”  Now I have to tell you, I’m not sure it was because I am so naive or because I had been drinking most of the night but the last part of that statement flew right over my head.  The first time he went to hide I got lost in conversation with the other two guys and forgot to go find him.  He came back in, sat beside me and said “I thought you were going to come find me.”  We decided he should go hide again. 

This time I did go find him.  And he says “Alright, should I get naked?”  I swear to you this is the first time I realised his intention.  Have you ever been faced with a decision like this?  I asked him for a moment and walked down the hall.  I went to war with myself.  This is not me, casual sex with a virtual stranger.  On the other hand I had spent the last week realising I took life to seriously, worried too much about future consequences.  I went back, lead him into a bedroom with pretty significant sentimental value for me and shut the door.

Now what happened behind that door will stay there.  It was amazing.  And I am counting on the memory of that night to get me through some pretty lonely nights ahead.  It was the right decision for me, saying yes, letting go, enjoying the moment.

In the days since that night I have been expecting regrets, they haven’t come.  What I have found is my outlook on life has changed.  No longer do I see myself as a disgarded woman, I have been funny, danced with strangers, held my own against eight New York City Firefighters and had amazing sex with one of the best looking guys I have ever met.  All this from one night?  You think I’m putting too much significance on Fireman?

It isn’t really about him.  I probably will never see him again, he is a New York City firefighter and I am a little country girl.  But he changed my life.  That one night changed my whole view of myself.  It’s funny to think one chance meeting with a stanger could help rebuild my self respect and self value but it did.  He has given me something I couldn’t find on my own.



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