El Barrio’s Bravest

September 1, 2008

I miss the lake.  I miss lying on the dock at night, looking up at the stars and being completely at peace with the world.  I miss sitting on the Palace Rocks before my children were awake.  I miss running into Ernies for muffins.  I miss having lots of cousins around.  I miss not having any worries or cares.  I miss the lake.

I want to go back.  Now.  Please?  Please!

I have one last chance.  Octoberfest.  It is the last weekend of the season.  A lot of my cousins will be there closing up their homes for the winter.  My brother and his girlfriend will be there.  I want to go but not by myself.  But who can I invite on my escape from life?  Well the Fireman comes to mind but how would I invite him?

Internet.  Google.  FDNY.  Engine 53 Ladder 43 (it was on their shirts).  I have the address.  It’s almost too easy. 

I could invite him to meet me at the lake for one amazing weekend.  It’s tempting.  But do people really do things like that?  Basically Fireman is a stranger to me.  We met, hung out, danced.  I don’t really know much about him.  Is that the appeal?  One weekend at the lake, an escape from the pressures of my life, no strings. 

It’s tempting.  I really want to.  I think I will go to the lake.  Should I invite the Fireman?



  1. I totally would if I were in your shoes….

  2. […] the Big House, where Fireman stayed when he was on the family property and where we would stay for Octoberfest.  Recognise it?  Hint: Look […]

  3. Hi my name is Kieran and I work with all those guys that went up there that weekend. I was inspired by what you wrote, is there any way I can drop him a line to let him know about the weekend you want him to come up?

  4. […] reality?  The fireman.  But seriously, how would she invite him?  Internet.  Google.  Yes, this part is familiar.  A quick internet search and she has found the firefighters website and the […]

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