Love That Dirty Water

September 16, 2008

Tied for first in the AL East.  We took the first in a three games series with the Rays tonight. 

And how about Matt Cassel pulling off the win over the Jets?  Great weekend for New England sports.

Thought I would treat you to one of my favorite videos.

Oh, very interesting development on The Invitation.  More later.



  1. F sports! I demand the 411 on the invite…

  2. Well said Catherinette. Details. now. girl.

  3. Another pennant race ruined by the wild card. I will not complain too loud, since we broke the curse from the wildcard slot.

    This comment is from a friend of mine. She and I love this blog Red Sox Fan In Pinstripe Territory written by a guy named Jere and my friend thought she would have a little fun with me. And now he finds my blog, see next comment. Are you kidding me? Did lightening strike my blog this week? I really must play the lottery.

  4. I found this site by chance, and was shocked to see myself commenting! I guess it’s just another person named Jere who happens to have the exact same opinion about the wild card as mine.

    Anyway, speaking of Scruffy Wallace, did you see how he was (almost) involved in that interference play at Fenway last week?

  5. […] the fireman found my blog.  Then Jere found my blog.  Just a word of warning, sometimes you aren’t always as anonymous as you […]

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