Of All The Gin Joints…

September 17, 2008

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived a very sheltered life.  When she got to college she rebelled, dropped out and got married at 20.  By 30 she was divorced and just beginning to experience life as a single again. 

Then she decides she is going to take her kids and escape to the lake for a few weeks.  And everything is just as she planned.  She is at her favorite place in the world, her family’s summer property.  They are lost in the woods, swimming, fishing, boating, hiking, roasting s’mores, having campfires and our girl is having a fabulous time.  

Then one afternoon while she is walking through the main house in walks four of the best looking guys our girl has ever seen.  They introduce themselves as NYC firefighters.   Now have you ever met any of the FDNY?  Because these guys were exactly what you think off.  Good looking, full of life, hard drinking, oh and hot.  Did I say that already?  They invited our little country girl to have a beer with them and that night…                              ….she takes them up on the invitation.  And the guys were very entertaining. 

The second night after the kids are in bed our girl heads back up to the main house to see her cousin and his girlfriend who have only just arrived.  And again there is revelry in the parlor.  This time our girl stays longer than she probably should have.  You may blame it on the beer but our girl takes full responsibility for the decision that led to the best sex of her life

Back at home our girl is out to dinner with friends when the subject of her vacation comes up.  You see her friends have read all about it on her blog.  Then she drops this little gem of information, the fabulous sex she had while on vacation.  “WHAT?!? You had sex and didn’t tell us.  We want to hear that part.  You have to blog about it.”  Wait, you say, you’ve read about the sex, right here on her blog.  Be patient I’m getting to that.  That, she says, just isn’t a possibility, too many people know about her blog.  “Well then you must start a secret blog.  For all the dirty details.”

Thus Little Country Girl was born. 

So our girl is back to life in her small town. 

A week after she gets home from the lake her brother calls.  “Are you going to Octoberfest?  I hear (our cousin) is doing her German beer tasting again this year.  And (another cousin) is one hell of a cook.”  No, our girl isn’t planning to go to Octoberfest.  But the next week is rough, rumors about her are flying around her small town, her ex is driving her crazy and work is… well work.  That’s it, she decides maybe she does need to get away and calls her cousin to check on the dates for Octoberfest.

The next thing our girl does is call some friends to see if they would like to come to the lake with her.  But no one can take off work to go with her to New York.  “New York?  That’s like above the Mason-Dixon Line country girl, why would you want to go there?”  Who else can she invite on her escape from reality?  The fireman.  But seriously, how would she invite him?  Internet.  Google.  Yes, this part is familiar.  A quick internet search and she has found the firefighters website and the address.  And she decides to blog about it, because what’s a girl to do when she is considering the possibilities of a weekend of casual sex.  The title of the post, well the nickname of the firehouse.  Remember this, it figures in later.  Another week passes and she decides she has nothing to lose and drops the invitation into the mail. 

A few days later she receives an e-mail from her brother, “Octoberfest, (girlfriend) and I will be there, I have invited several friends.”  Since our girl’s brother lives in New Hampshire, his friends are much more likely to attend.  A call to her cousin and she discovers there are plenty of rooms available in the main house.  And our girl has found a girlfriend to come to the lake with her.  Life is busy and she doesn’t have much time to think about the invitation.

What?!? That’s it?  I promised new information about the invitation.  I did, I know, it’s coming, I just needed to set up the story.  Patience.



  1. what ever happened to the motto what happens in vegas stays in vegas….

  2. Okay okay…is this fiction…or nonfiction? (I’m new lol) I’m looking fwd to the rest!

  3. You’re a freaking TEASE!!

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  5. Just don’t go and changing names and blog titles with out telling me!

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