… he walks into mine

September 18, 2008

Of all the gin joints…

So here was our little country girl enjoying her Monday morning.  She rises early, gets her kids onto the school bus and sits down for her morning cup of Dr. Pepper.  Don’t laugh she is not a coffee drinker and needs her caffeine in the morning.  She casually logs online, intending to blog about her fabulous weekend.  Suddenly she is spitting Dr. Pepper across her freshly mopped kitchen floor.  The number of hits on her blog is nearly three times the number she usually sees in a day and it is the morning.  And the search they are using?  El Barrio’s Bravest Country Girl.

That’s right.  Our country girl is pretty sure her anonymity has flown out the window.  A few hours later she gets confirmation in the form of a comment.   But wait, you think, maybe it’s a joke, this guy doesn’t really work with them.  Our girl considered that, however a quick internet search of the comment makers screen name leads to a video on YouTube.  A home video of an award ceremony for one of the guys in the house.

Yes, someone from the Fireman’s unit has in fact found the blog.  And judging by the number of times this blog got hit on Monday, she’s pretty sure the whole firehouse has now read her blog.  Hi guys.  But the intenet is huge.  How did this guy find our girl’s blog?  Well he googled his firehouses nickname and up comes this blog.  Told you this would figure in again.  

Seriously at this point our girl doesn’t even know what to say.  But you are now up to speed.


Now our girl has received scores of questions, she will try to answer some of them.

Is this fact or fiction?   Fact I’m afraid. 

Has he called?   No.  Are you kidding?  Have you read my blog?  Even I’m a little afraid I’m a stalker. 
Are you still going to the lake?   Yes, of course.  But probably won’t stay at the Big House.  Really, that house is haunted and I already pissed off the ghost of my Great Aunt.  Unless of course one of NY Bravest volunteers to keep me safe.  (Alright I’ll admit it, I’m an eternal optimist!)
When is Octoberfest?   In October.
Aren’t you afraid the Fireman is pissed?  A little.  
Which one of the guys is THE Fireman?  Well you may already know, but on the off chance you don’t, I’m not telling.  Seriously, you know too much already.

Was the sex really that great?   For me, yes.  There are quantitative reasons why but let’s just say this.  You could and should take lessons from him.


**Personal note to the Fireman – I’m sorry.  I know that doesn’t even begin to cover it.  Honestly, I never intended anyone you know to read this.  I mean what are the odds?  If you are pissed, say the word this blog will disappear.



  1. I find it shameful and ridiculous that you would wonder how he could be compromised when you put his place of employment up for anyone to find. Your carelessness and sense of personal importance have caused more harm than good. You need to sit back and think long and hard about who you really are, get your priorities straight and attempt to hold your self to a higher standard and some sort of focus on being a person of higher moral and ethical values.

    Reading your blog the past month or so I find it a disgrace to single moms everywhere. You care more about yourself and the supposed image you carry, then doing everything in your power to improve the lives of the ones who supposedly depend on you most. Single moms work hard, sometimes two jobs and give all of themselves to their family. As one of them , I cringe for your kids.

    Furthermore, it doesn’t matter who your father is, or if anyone knows you take birth control. Everyone knows these things now because your sense of hey, look at me I’m special overtakes the reality of your life.

    Wake up to reality, you put your life out there, people will find it and there are real life consequences in the real world.

    To the Fireman: I am sure you got far more than you bargined for and my sympathies to you.

  2. Oh man! I feel for you – I’m writing, or about to write about several men, and I’m just crossing my fingers they don’t Google me and track down my blog.

    It’s a good test though – and I think the firemen can handle it – they’ve seen and read worse I’m sure.

    XOXO Cute Firemen!! I have a date with one of you next week!

  3. […] the fireman found my blog.  Then Jere found my blog.  Just a word of warning, sometimes you aren’t […]

  4. Jeez, give the woman a break. It’s called ‘unintentional’, could happen to anyone. A person can write about whatever, and WHOMEVER they choose, anywhere they choose. So tightwad ‘old friend’, why don’t you get your own life to bitch about, and leave this fabulous woman alone.
    You like apples?
    How you like them apples?

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