Friday Night Lights

September 20, 2008

Last night I went with my Editor and her husband, Gerthron – God of Thunder (this is what you get when you let a guy choose his own alias), to a high school football game.  The atmosphere at high school football games hasn’t changed since I was in school.  Although each year the high school kids seem to get younger.  We threaded our way through the students and make our way to the stands.  The game was supposed to be a very good match-up, it turned out to be a blow out for the other school.  Now I do not love football as much as I love baseball but I still love to watch the game.  And I love to watch kids play the game.

After the game we stopped at our local sports bar.  We sat at the bar watching Baseball Tonight and cheered the Red Sox win.  Stinking Devil Rays won too, still 1.5 games back.  Yes I did call them the Devil Rays, guy on the barstool beside me, I know they dropped the Devil.  But they are on top of my Red Sox.  I can call them anything I please.

So the three of us are sitting at the bar, telling stories and laughing.  Wait, I should tell you I started with a cocktail because frankly I am pretty much a cocktail kind of girl.  But when my drink was empty I ordered a Miller Lite, it was on tap and I am actually developing a taste for beer.  So I was almost done with my beer, deciding I really needed to switch to water because I am a drinking lightweight.

And then it happened.  Another beer was set down in front of me, I looked at the bartender with surprise.  She says, “from (guy) down around the corner of the bar.”  Now internet this is a first for me, no guy in a bar has ever bought me a drink.  I was only 20 when I got married and going out single is a new thing for me.  And a guy bought me a beer!  It was like the icing on the cake to a very memorable week.

High school football and a free beer.  Life is good.



  1. and to think: you didn’t even thank monkey man!!


  3. How empowering!!

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