I won’t survive without it

September 22, 2008

This summer my cousin Peter and I coordinated schedules so that our vacations would overlap at the lake.  Unfortunately his brother got sick and he had to cancel his trip at the last minute.  Now the thing is Peter lives in England, so scheduling a trip to the lake is no small thing for him.  It was already late in the summer and he wasn’t able to reschedule.

Then on Friday my phone rings.  “Hello Elisabeth, this is Peter.”  Peter, who?  “Your cousin… from England.”  Although we communicate weekly through e-mail he hasn’t actually called me for several years.  And after getting over my initial shock I got around to finding out why he was calling.  My cousins and I have been doing a lot of planning for Octoberfest on facebook and Peter has been reading with despair.  He has been looking into it flights and has decided he is coming over for the weekend.  He was going to just surprise me but he didn’t want to fly all this way and me not be there.

As excited as this makes me, I’m not sure that flying all that way just for the weekend is worth it.  And then he says, “I have been reading your blog (not this one) and you’re right.  Being at the lake restores your soul.  And I am not going to make it through the winter without getting over there.”  He had a hard summer, his family has some pretty big issues right now.  And if anyone understands the need to escape to the lake it’s me.

You can tell anytime a cousin is at the lake, it’s kind of an unwritten code that it must be your facebook status.  All summer Peter watched with frustration as they held talk of fishing, swimming, hiking, cookouts and picnics.  And then the pictures would show up.  I understand his frustration, I have already been to the lake twice this year and I still hate seeing the pictures of my cousin skeet shooting in the pasture.  Or word that another cousin arrived the day after I left.

Do you have that place?  The place you go when you need an escape?  We are going to cram as much as we can into the two and half days he will have at the lake.  My great escape, it won’t be exactly as I first planned it but it’s still going be great.  And who knows what other surprises the weekend will have in store for me.


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