Lightening struck twice

September 24, 2008

Have I told you about my wild mad crush on my favorite blogger?  About a year ago I stumbled across this blog in my trip through the blogger world.  I do not have cable and so it’s hard to keep up with the goings on of my first love – Red Sox baseball.  I have been addicted to this blog.  Whenever something important was happening with my boys I usually read it first on his blog.  He keeps track of all the things I don’t have time for.  And I get it all in my daily dose of Red Sox blogging.

To me there is something sexy about a boy who knows his Red Sox.  And so I have a crush on Jere, sight unseen – while he puts up a lot of pictures of his outings at Fenway, he is never in the shots.  Now Jere is a very active blogger, so everyday I get the opportunity to stop by his blog and read up on his latest gem of knowledge. 

I have a friend who I am constantly quoting these facts to.  When she askes how I know, I simply reply “Jere told me” and we laugh.  So last week after the random visit to this blog by a fireman my friend decides it would be funny to comment as Jere.  Unfortunately for her I know immediately it’s her – love wordpress features. 

The next day however I’m not laughing when I get a comment from THE Jere.  He has found my blog by random and wondering how he possibly could be commenting on my blog.  So now I’m faced with two options.  Ignore the fact that my dream boy has just commented on my blog or fess up that I am a huge fan.  I decide that it’s fess up time and he takes it all in good humor.  And it turns out that the firehouse is in his old neighborhood in Manhattan. 

First the fireman found my blog.  Then Jere found my blog.  Just a word of warning, sometimes you aren’t always as anonymous as you think.



  1. Ah, fess up……That’s hysterically, if he has any sense of humor he’ll enjoy the story.

  2. Scary and exciting all at the same time!

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