It’s back

September 26, 2008

Reality.  It’s so much more interesting than living happily ever after. 

I love Grey’s Anatomy.  I love it.  The writing is fantastic, the acting is phenomenal, the casting is spot on and the stories touch your heart.  It is a chick show, I watch it for the romance.  I won’t lie to you.  But I love this show.

All through the season premiere tonight the main character is trying to decide whether or not to move in with the love of her life.  She is afraid of the future, afraid to be happy.  She is afraid to let herself be happy, she is worried what will happen in 40 years, she wants some assurance they will still be happy then.

I understand.  One of the hardest parts of divorce is a fear of the future.  All those plans you were making together, they are gone.  My marriage was not a fairy tale, it wasn’t my happily ever after.  But getting out was still scary.

For me, the truth is, reality is so much better.  I don’t know what the future will bring.  But I love the possibilities.  The reality is my divorce gave me my life back.  I’m happy again.  I’m smiling again.  I’m doing things I never thought I would. 

If I hadn’t gotten divorced I never would have gone to the family meeting over July 4th.  I wouldn’t have enjoyed my brother’s wedding (being in a bad marriage tends to ruin those moments).  I wouldn’t have gone out and made a mess of things with Adam.  I wouldn’t go dancing until all hours of the morning.  I wouldn’t have gotten to know so many of the people I now call friends.  And I never would have had the best sex of my life.

The truth is I had to go through the pain of divorce to fully appreciate the joy that is my life.

Yes, those Grey’s writers have it right.  Reality.  It’s so much more interesting than living happily ever after.


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