Goodnight moon

September 29, 2008

My first week at the lake I would go down and sit on the shore at night.  Sometimes I would write, other times I would sit and look up at the moon.  It was a full moon much of the week and was beautiful at night.  It would reflect on the water, the reflection reaching almost to my feet at the waters edge.

I wish I could capture the beauty for you.  With the full moon I could see clear across the lake to Vermont where the Green Mountains reach up to the sky. 

This is the same view at dusk. 

When I arrived at the lake in July I was a ball of emotions.  Since the divorce I had been angry, bitter, resentful.  And the truth was it was eating me up inside.  It was hard to concentrate on the positives in my life.  Just before I went to the lake in August I went out with a friend a couple of times.  His summation of the situation, I wasn’t over my ex.  And not in the sense that I wanted ex back, just that I was still holding on to the anger.

When I got back to the lake in August, when I could sit on the beach and look out at the vastness of the lake under the full moon my problems felt small.  There is something peaceful about a summer sky and I desperately wanted that peace in my life.  But to get there I had to give up my anger, my sense of being a victim.  Admitting to myself that I was still angry was hard.  I did a lot of yelling at the sky.  I do believe there is a God up there and I do believe he was listening.  And admitting I was still angry went a long way to helping me let go of it.


One comment

  1. I lived in Vermont from age 7 to 13. The perfect age to experience running barefoot through the wood, swimming in streams, catching salamanders, making snow forts, picking apples, visiting tree farms, seeing buckets hanging from Maple trees….sigh.

    Your pictures make me miss it even more.

    Oh yeah. I have feet of leather from running through the woods barefoot when I was a kid. I have never been there in the fall. SOO excited.

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