She’s smarter than me?

September 29, 2008

Last night after the kids returned home from a weekend visit with their dad and new wife they were all sitting at the bar in the kitchen.  And my baby girl says to me, “New wife is smarter than you.”  To which I smile and say, “why do you say that?”  You see comments like this have ceased to bother me.  New wife spends a lot of time trying to convince my kids she is “more” than me. Skinner than me, better cook than me, better at getting stains out of clothes, better job than me, college is better than mine.  After awhile you just smile and wonder why she says all of this to the kids.

My daughters response to the smart question?  Apparently new wife finished college, a feat I have yet to match.  I didn’t flunk out of college, I was on the dean’s list when I dropped out.  The short version is I met ex the summer after my sophomore year, and I never went back.  This is probably the only quantitative argument new wife can win.  She’s got me here, I never finished college.

But is she smarter than me?  This is something my ex used to argue with me all the time.  He thought he was smarter than me.  But really how do you measure this?  What makes a person smarter than another.  Does having a college education really mean you should be promoted before a guy who has longer on the job?  Does the fact that new wife works full time and I work part time highlight a disparity in our intelligence?  Can being intelligent make up what you lack in character?

One thing I can say.  One of us is married to a liar and a cheater.  Who would you say is the smarter one?



  1. An abundance of formal education does NOT make one smarter, it simply makes them more educated. Just because you went to school doesn’t mean that you remember everything that you learned when you were there! I’ve learned that there are many different kinds of ‘smart’. Book smart, people smart, world smart, just to name a few.

    By knowing and recognizing ‘new wife’s’ attempts to manipulate your kids and not letting it hit your heart makes me KNOW that YOU are the ‘smart’ one here…. 🙂

  2. I’d say this post alone makes you more intelligent than the new wife…..She’s not so smart if she married a cheater. For all it’s worth, she’ll get hers one day, and it will probably be one of your kids that lets her have it. And won’t that be worth waiting for !!!!

  3. God what an inferiority complex. Who waives their diploma in front of little kids, trying to win their affection? What a desperate loser.

    Sorry about the anger. I hope one day, when I’m faced with the same situation I will be able to handle it with your level of grace and maturity.

    Right now, just the idea of my daughter saying that to me makes me want to cry.

  4. Come on that’s easy, you left, you smart! 😉

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