Oktoberfest Invitation

October 1, 2008



We will be holding our 3rd Annual Oktoberfest at the North Shore XXX House.
(some rooms are available, but going fast)

6:00 to ???????

Fun, Food, Beer, Wine and Cider,  will be provided.


Please RSVP if you would like to attend.

S&P, B&C

This arrived in my e-mail this week.  Almost taunting me that the fireman has not responded to my invitation. 

I’m going anyway.  I have already booked my flights.  My cousin Peter is meeting me there.  There are quite a few cousins already on the list to go.  My brother, his girlfriend and several of his friends will be there.  We will have a smashing great party.  I will cook a huge breakfast Sunday morning for those of us staying in the main house.  I will get to see the lake in the fall.  We will hike out to the point and look up and down the lake.  We will run to Ernies for muffins and beer.  I will take lots of pictures. 

This will be my view in the morning.  From my window.

This will be my view at night.

We will close up the various summer houses and say good bye for the winter. 

And I may never come home. 



  1. I wouldn’t come back either. Every weekend I debate on driving the million dollar highway to see the Rockies in all their fall glory, but I’m afraid I might just stay up there until I have no choice but to hibernate for the winter.

  2. F the fireman for not responding.

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