October 2, 2008

A few weeks ago I attended a political event.  My friend’s husband was the main speaker.  She and I sat together and stood together shaking hands.  At some point the photographer took a series of pictures of us together.  They turned out really well.

Here is the problem.  I was contacted a few days ago by a senator’s wife asking permission to use one of the pictures in a print ad for the presidential candidate for her party.  She is putting together a “women for…” print ad and would like to include my friend and I, thus giving a public endorsement to the presidential candidate.  Now unless something changes drastically between now and November 4, I will be voting for this candidate.  But I won’t be actively campaigning for him.  To be honest I’m not that excited about him, neither of the candidates are really in line with my core values, but this one is the closest. 

I will vote.  Every year since I turned 18 I have voted.  I have always believed that you do not get to complain about politicians/ their decisions unless you vote.  Vote with me, vote against me, just don’t talk to me about it unless you make your voice heard. 

So I’m stuck in this dilemma.  This is the party my father represents and I was at an event for the party.  And I will encourage my friends to vote for this ticket.  But lend my public endorsement?  I just don’t think I can do it.  Besides I’m still a little upset Grey’s Anatomy is getting preempted for the VP debate.



  1. lol spoken like a true TV Addicted American. I feel the same way about “you dont get to whine if you don’t vote”

  2. Don’t do it…Unless it’s Ron Paul. Which it’s not. So don’t do it!

  3. Funny I feel the same way, you give up your right to complain when you chose not to vote. I also have been voting since I was 18, it was a presidential election that year, I thought it was so cool. MTV does a good job trying to get the young to vote 😉

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