They dropped the Devil

October 2, 2008

So if you have been reading my blog at all you know that I love the Red Sox.  I have been a Red Sox fan since I was a little girl, back when they would break our heart year after year.  I love the Red Sox. You have said that, is there a point?  Oh right, my point.  My boys did not win the AL East this year, but neither did the evil empire.  So who, do you ask, won the AL East.

Tampa Bay Rays formerly known as the Devil Rays.

Our UPS driver, a Yankees fan, came into the office today and we talked about the playoffs.  I love our UPS driver, no one else in my office pays any attention to baseball or racing.  So UPS driver and I are talking about the playoffs that start tonight, with my boys and without his.  And then he says to me, “I figured it out.”  What? “It was dropping the devil.”  His theory is that by dropping Devil from their title they broke free of some sort of curse.

Interesting theory.  And it’s the best I’ve heard so far to explain why a team won as many games this year as they lost last year.  A team that won the pennant without any players that are household names. 

And what does this mean since we are playing the Angels?


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