October 4, 2008

The house is quiet.  The kids are in bed.  I am sitting on my bed and dreaming.

In only one week I will be sitting on the porch of the main house.  The only sounds I will hear are animals scurring through the woods, the lake water crashing on the rocky shores, the wind rustling through the trees.  It will be dark and I will be leaning back in my Adirondack chair.  It will be cold but I will still be drink a cold beer.  It will be sitting on the arm of my chair.  I will not be alone but I will be completely at peace with the world.

Day to day problems cannot follow you to the lake.  It’s almost as if they fall away as you make your way down the long driveway that leads you from the main road to the shoreline.  I will not be a single mother with the weight of the world on her shoulders.  There will be no homework to help with, there will be no ex-husband to deal with, there will be no one gossiping about me, there will be no co-workers complaining to me, there will be no talk of the presidential election. 

There will be work to do.  Mattresses to be carried in from sleeping porches.  Windows to be shuttered for winter.  Porch furniture to be carried in.  Water lines to be drained.  Meals to be made for lots of cousins and friends.

But not Friday night.  Friday night we will simply sit on the porch and enjoy the peace the lake offers.



  1. So jealous !!! Have an great time.

  2. That’s sounds great! I feel that way about camping.

  3. *sigh* I’m jealous.

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