Secret Admirer

October 8, 2008

Today I was on facebook and I think I figured out where the flowers come from.  Actually I already suspected but now I’m pretty sure.  Here is how the conversation went.

SA: How ’bout them Red Sox?
Me: Jason Bay is my new baseball boyfriend.
Blah… blah… baseball talk…
SA: Yankees suck.
Me: That’s what happens when half your team is all older than me.
SA: How old are you?
Me: Don’t you know you aren’t supposed to ask a woman how old she is.
SA: You aren’t that old.
SA: And you are pretty.
Me: Thanks.

Now normally this is where I say “I have kids.”  Seriously, I have found it backs them up real quick.  The only problem is, this guy already knows my kids.  Crap.  He is a nice guy and I enjoy being friends.  No spark.



  1. I think what happened in my situation is the dude called my cell phone, got the message which has me and my daughter talking on it, and never called back. My first rejection as a single mom.

  2. So, I’m dying to know who this is… You must text me and give me the skinny!

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