Overheard in the Big House kitchen

October 15, 2008
Cousin S:  (to me) Your brother is staying in Granny’s bedroom.
Cousin M:  Everyone has used that bedroom at one time or another, I suppose it’s the younger generation’s turn.  That room has served us well.  Except for you Elisabeth.
Me: What makes you think I haven’t made use of Granny’s bedroom?
Cousin M:  Yeah, but with your husband doesn’t count.
Me: I never said it was with my husband.
Cousin M:  Who the hell was it?
Me: Your brother invited the FDNY up.  It’s not my fault they are so damn hot.
Cousin M:  Elisabeth, are you [kidding] me?
Me: Well someone has to carry on the family reputation.
Cousin M: I suppose even firemen need to use their hoses.
Me: And he uses it so well. 
Cousin M: I hope it was at least one of the younger ones.
Me: He was your age.
Cousin S: Get the hell out of my kitchen with this talk.
Cousin M: Let’s steal beer and go out in the boat.
Me:  Sounds good.
Cousin M:  Maybe we’ll find you a fireman along the way.


  1. HA HA HA HA 🙂 I heart cousins.

  2. Ha! That wasn’t even the first time I “used” Granny’s room!

    Now try getting THAT image out of YOUR head.

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