October 16, 2008

The weekend just flew by.  I crammed so much in I hardly know where to start.

Saturday morning when we woke up Peter and I went down to the lake and reveled in the beauty that is our property and Lake Champlain.  After that we visited some relatives in town, shopped in the local boutiques, had lunch at a local bar and went grocery shopping. 

When we got back I found Cousin M at the Big House with everyone else decorating and cooking.  We decided to skip the work and took the boat (and beer) out on the lake.  It was a beautiful day.  We went up the lake, parked the boat and sat on the shore for close to an hour just talking.  Have I ever mentioned Cousin M?  I have been in love with him since I was 10.  If ever I had an ideal man, it would be him.  Unfortunately we are related, closely, damn.  We will have to settle for best of friends. 

Saturday night was the very large, very loud, lots of relatives, very FUN official Oktoberfest on the North Shore party.  Now I remember plowing through more beers than I can count… pumpkin beer, Oktoberfest beer… love them.  But I was not nearly as bad off as Cousin S and Cousin M.  Apparently with all the cooking Cousin S forgot to eat, good stuff.  And Cousin M by the end of the night he was stumbling.  My jeans now have red wine stains all over them, by the end of the night I think he was spilling wine on me just for fun.



  1. AHHH you are killing me! I miss Vermont!

  2. Those photos are amazing!

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