F-ing Steve Harvey

October 19, 2008

So last night I picked up Chinese food and schleped off to my parents house to watch the Red Sox.  Because I do not have cable, therefore I do not have TBS.  Yes, there are several of us still out here without it.  Which genius had the brilliant idea of selling playoff baseball to a cable channel?  And TBS?  I have large issues with Ted Turner.  The latest of which is showing f-ing Steve Harvey reruns when my boys are supposed to be playing.  And that rates right up there with marrying Hanoi Jane.

Alright so there was some sort of power outage in Atlanta.  So whichever genius at MLB sold the playoffs to TBS, could you not have held the game for a half hour?  I mean seriously people, I can not be the only person in the country pissed off. 

And what if my boys had lost because i was not there with encouraging words for Josh.  Or been able to build Veriteks courage enough that he hit us a home run.  Seriously, it was me telling him he could do it – just like I do at my sons baseball games – that made all the difference.  Or stroking Jonathan’s ego in the final inning.  Does MLB not realise how essential my viewship is to my boys?

Alright no screw ups tonight TBS okay.  I will be bundling up the kids again for another visit to my parents couch because as previously stated the Red Sox need me.


One comment

  1. I’m bundling up my own child for Monday Night Football, since I don’t even Have ANY TELEVISON RECEPTION AT MY HOUSE. For reals, no attena even.

    The Rockies are once again horrible this year, after their crazy ass cinderella season last year (whooped by the RED SOCKS in the end!), so I must focus on the Broncos who deserve to beat the pants off the Pats tonight 😛

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