I don’t have time

November 17, 2008

I met a guy.  We had our third date on Friday. Not once has he tried to kiss me, not once has he tried to hold my hand.  There have been several things that have proven to me that his self confidence is lacking but as some point you have to man up, right? Friday, as we were watching Daniel Craig on screen amoungst a sea of good looking men in the seats around me I decided he had one more shot. After the movie he walked me to my car, I looked at him and waited. And… nothing.

Three dates, I should have felt sparks by now, right? I don’t. They aren’t there.  That’s kind of disappointing because he is such a nice guy.  I love talking to him, we have had at least 3 conversations that have been longer than 2 hours. 

I’m lonely. I have enjoyed having someone to talk to, someone to go to dinner with. That’s why I have let it go on this long but it isn’t an excuse.  In person there just aren’t any sparks.  And I just don’t have time to wait around for him to “strike the flint.”



  1. Funny coincidence. There’s a guy I’ve gone out with three times now, and he hasn’t made a move, either. And he just invited me to see the new Bond film, too.
    Thing is, I’m not too bothered. I’m not feeling any sparks, either. Though he is good on paper; he’s the kind of guy I wish I felt sparks with. He’s educated, talented, well-read, pretty fun, some shared interests with me… But nada.
    We’ll see. If the Bond film date doesn’t bring out any attraction, I’ll have to make it clear we’re in the friend zone (because I get the feeling he’s just shy, too).

  2. I’m not in the dating scene yet, but I can see why you wouldn’t want to waste your time. If there’s nothing there, then if you’re like me, you probably have better things to spend your time on. Too bad he has to be so nice though. Oh well.

  3. I think I’m beginning to realize that I’m lonely too. Thats why its so hard when my daughter is away from me. At least you’ve been able to go on some dates, even if they were less than sparky.

    Hey if you’ve got nothing to lose, why not ask him straight up “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”

  4. so I like the line about the flint. Whatever gave you that brilliant line?

  5. You can always lean in and see what happens..he may just be shy and not wanting to ruin a good thing…

  6. My X waited until our 6th date to make a move. I thought I was going to go crazy. All signs had been pointing to yes but nothing so I had decided he just wanted to be friends. At the end of that night, when he did finally make a move, I gave him the cheek again (he’s European so cheek kissing is the norm) and he kind of ended up half licking it. By the next day we both thought it was hillarious.

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