My obsession continues

November 26, 2008

Today as I wandered the streets of Boston I passed a fire house. There was a guy standing in the bay and spoke to me as I walked by. I turned around and asked him where I could find somewhere to buy a pie dish.  Now this is a great cover because A- it’s the holidays and perfectly reasonable I’d be making a pie B – I’m from out of town C – that really is what I was looking for.  

There had been a fire in the Crate and Barrel just up the street earlier this week.  It didn’t take much to get him talking about it. Then he invited me into the lounge, where there were some other guys – not nearly as adorable. I talked with him for awhile, he asked where I was from, we talked about the weather – it’s freezing here.  The other guys smirked at us as we flirted.

So my infatuation with firemen continues.  Maybe it’s because they are so damn hot… Or maybe it’s because they live in the city… Or maybe it’s because I love flirting with them… Or maybe it’s the idea of having fun and walking away and not expecting anything… Or maybe I owe it all to that amazing night with my El Barrio’s Bravest… Whatever it is, I think I’m becoming a little obsessed with firemen.



  1. WOW. You are awesome. I LOVE this.

  2. OMG BOSTON FIREMEN TO BOOT! The accent definitely adds to the hotness.

  3. Every girl should have a fireman at least once in her life. 🙂

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