My weird week

December 22, 2008

This week has been a week of strange coincidences strung together.

Remember my friends F & E? I have decided F needs a name because you will probably be hearing about him in the future, so from now on he will be Hunter. He and I spent an hour on the phone Tuesday night and he made me laugh.  It was one of the best conversations I have had in a long time. He and I are able to just talk and talk about anything. 

On Wednesday I went for lunch with the ladies from the office. When I pulled into the parking lot, you will never believe who was getting out of his truck for lunch. Well of course you have guessed internet – Hunter. He was with a friend and his 3 year old son. I sat trying to pay attention to the conversation at my table but couldn’t because all I could think about was Hunter only a few feet away. Finally his friend answered his phone and I sauntered over to the table to talk with Hunter. The friend gets off the phone immediately and proceeds to flirt shamelessly. So Hunter says “this is the girl I was telling you I talked to last night.” Okay internet, do you realise he was talking to his friend about me?

Then Thursday and Friday I saw him at school while we were there for our kids Christmas parties. (Their school spreads the parties out for the different grades, so we both ended up with parties on two days.) We have talked about going out for New Years – and he has promised to call.

I also had a very interesting conversation with Davis this week. We have been talking pretty regularly lately trying to get together with the plans not working out for one reason or another. I have been in love with Davis since high school. I cannot imagine my life without his friendship, and this week I came to the hard realisation that means I cannot sleep with him. It would always be more to me than it was to him and eventually it would end badly. So friendship it is for us, well that and the very fun jokes and innuendo.

Oh and I got a very weird threat from ex. It’s just odd and so basically I have to decide if I continue to do the right thing or react vindictively against his crappy BS.  High road it is but still I just have to laugh.  He lives in his own warped worldand I’m thanking my stars I am not his roommate there any longer.

Then there was Friday night…  Umm… Well, I will try and post about that tomorrow. I am still processing the events.


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