Check this girl out

December 29, 2008

This morning I got home at 8:30 after getting a few hours of sleep at a friends house.  I needed to leave in 45 minutes to meet my mother. I jumped in the shower, dressed quickly and off I went.

My mom asked me a few days ago to go shopping at the nearby city’s outlet shopping mall. It takes about an hour and half to get there, so we don’t go all that often.  I met my mom, we had breakfast, we made a couple stops along the way and arrived at the outlets shortly after lunchtime.  We spent the first hour and half with her trying on clothes at the Liz Claiborne store.  I tried sticking with her, watching her try on clothes but after the first hour I was beginning to feel the lack of sleep, the alcohol I drank last night and my lack of patience with her shopping style.

When we left that store we split up. I could not handle any more together time watching my mom try on clothes! So I began walking the sidewalk, headed for my favorite children’s clothing store, passing shoppers who were just strolling.  As I came up behind these two guys one turns, catches sight of me and I hear him say, “check this girl out,” as I walked past them.

Now I could go on about how battered my self esteem was after 10 years of an unhealthy marriage. About how my ex getting remarried not even a full month after our divorce was a real blow to my self image.

I could but let me just say this. Today I was tired, hungover, wearing a t-shirt and jeans and spent little time getting ready.  And this guy with four simple words just made my day.



  1. Hearing those words would make my day too. It’s amazing how something so simple can have such an impact!

  2. Nice! There was a guy checking me out at Target hardcore the other day. And then one at Meijer yesterday. Both were pretty hot. I kept thinking I must’ve had something on my face or something for them to be checking me out! It was a nice feeling when I realized it was probably just because I took two minutes to do my hair and put on a little lip gloss. I just feel so schlubby and gross most days…

  3. Even though the single dad I went on a date with had to leave the next day for Kansas City, it did wonders for my self esteem, so I totally understand. Just hearing a man say “I really admire you” while simultaneously touching your hair….yeah…

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