Coming home

January 4, 2009

My kids have been with their father for a week. He got the second half of their Christmas break.

They come home tonight. All but my son. He is staying with his father. Tomorrow he starts school in his new school district. I will see him every other weekend.

This is the right decision. For him. For my girls. For me.

But he won’t be coming home. He won’t be sleeping in his bed. I won’t get him up in the morning to get ready for school. He won’t be here when I get home from work.

My son. My first born. My baby.

And I feel so alone.



  1. Oh, I forgot about this. I’m so, so sorry.

  2. I’m so, so, SO sorry. How old is he, if you don’t mind me asking?

  3. Your post has me all emotional… is this what your son wants? Has he asked for this? You’re incredibly strong.

  4. It’s going to be hard, maybe forever, but you’re doing the right thing – For you and for the girlies.

  5. Your son will always remember how you respected his need to be with his dad for a short period of time. You put his needs before your own, and that is the most selfless, courageous thing a mom can do. This is why I consider we single moms heros, because we are able to overcome the most unnatural situations; being separated from our children.

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