Do you know what time it is?

January 12, 2009

Friday night my phone rang at 11 and woke me up.  I answered with “do you know what time it is?”

Have I mentioned Supplement Man before? We work out together a lot. Well rather I do cardio and watch as he lifts weights. And we talk while he takes breaks between lifts.  When I asked him once “I don’t remember you like this.” He told me he had gotten serious about weight lifting two years ago and started taking supplements. Because apparently this is necessary for the muscle definition he has – which by the way I do not find appealing. I like the kind of definition that hints “I could throw you over my shoulder and carry you upstairs to bed” not the kind that screams “look at me!”

This friendship on the whole is odd considering five years ago ex and I had to take this guy to court for a business deal gone bad. But after a few months of sharing the same space with stony silence I finally approached him and said “listen, I know you and ex had problems. But we’re divorced now and I’d really like it if we could be friends.” We both agreed it was water under the bridge and things have been friendly ever since.

Then the New Year hit and the gym got overrun by the resolutioners. And those of us who have been there week after week wait with our hands on our hips patiently to use the machines. So as I was waiting we started talking and he asked for my number. We have texted a couple of times – nothing big.  He’s a nice guy, single dad of a teenage daughter – widowed two years ago.

Then he calls Friday night at 11. He is just wondering what I’m doing, if I’m out, if he can join me. Really?`

Is it just me or is that a little crazy? Now I guess if I think about it, had it been a weekend without my kids I probably would have been out and wouldn’t have minded him meeting mewhere ever. But since we aren’t even friends enough for him to know I had my kids, don’t you think calling that late at night is crazy?  Maybe I’m over thinking this. Probably am. But still, it’s crazy, right?



  1. Yup.. Crazy. To be avoided by the sound of it…

    Oh and…COMPLETELY identify with the Gym being overrun with resolutioners!! My classes are packed and I am having to book up in advance just to carry on doing what I did before!! LOL… Don’t worry, I give them till February and it’ll start returning to normal… 🙂

  2. I don’t think that’s crazy. Maybe he forgot you had the kids. I’d say he was thinking about you and wanted to see you. Nothing wrong with that, as long as he doesn’t stalk you.

  3. I really don’t think calling at 11:00 was that bad, but it was nice to see if you were out and he could join ya…Hmmmm..I kinda think that is sweet..maybe it’s me but i’m a romantic! Lol…

  4. I’m with Mike kinda/sorta. I don’t think it’s *crazy* necessarily, but I do think it sounds like a booty call.

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