Waiting for me

January 21, 2009

He called just as I was stepping off the plane, telling me he would be waiting in baggage claim. As I stepped onto the escalator and looked down I caught sight of him and I’m pretty sure I grinned. Like a scene from a movie he was waiting at the bottom, leaning on a support piller, looking very much the country boy. We greated each other and waited for my suitcase.  He carried my bags to the truck, loaded them in the back and we headed for the highway.

Typically the ride from the airport to my house takes an hour but he took the long way home.  It was the first time I had ever ridden anywhere with him. Conversation flowed, no awkward pauses. When we got to my house he carried in my bags and said he would come in a make sure there was no “boogey man or frozen pipes.”  There wasn’t, we stood in my kitchen talking and I asked him about a couple things I have been needing done around the house.  He said he’d be happy to take care of them, he’d call me to figure out a time to come over. We stood talking a little while longer until finally he left.

No physical contact. This. Whatever it is, is progressing slowly. But it is progressing. We talk, the Hunter and I, every couple of weeks on the phone. No pressure, no wondering when he will call, I’m just happy when he does. This offer to pick me up from the airport, it’s the next level for us, being in a car together. So we have moved to another level. And there is the anticipation of another face to face.

He is a true southern gentlman and he is so nice to me. We have both been hurt before. Deeply. We are both hesitant to get into something new. Slow, without expectations for the future. You will hear about him again I hope but probably not too soon.



  1. Can’t wait to hear about him again. Maybe it’s good that you’ve both been hurt – not that you’ve been hurt, but that you can relate to each other. It seems like it would be difficult if one wanted to rush things because they didn’t understand how the other feels. Know what I mean? I’m rambling. Sorry.

  2. Sounds like a romantic novel..Please hurry and get to the next part..WHAT HAPPPENED?? I’M DYIN TO KNOW!

  3. He sounds so sweet and like such a gentelmen – I am eager to hear more!!

  4. Seriously, Elizabeth. That’s the title. I see the book cover: a young woman with children’s toys at her feet looking out a window at a lake with fall foliage all around. You only see her silhouette and her head is slightly tilted to the right (you are a republican, after all)–the colors of the book cover are rusty red, cinnamon, beige–all the colors of transition.

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