Leave me alone

January 27, 2009

Remember the guy I went out with a few times and there just weren’t any sparks?

Every couple of weeks since he will call.  We have a casual conversation and I do my best to discourage him from calling again. When he called last Tuesday I was done being nice about it. He said, “I don’t know why I keep calling, it’s not like you will go out with me.” I hate this because it embodies all the reasons I won’t go out with him. First, the statement is passive agressive and manipulative and I am not doing that again. Second, it’s asking me out without asking me out and I’m sorry I need a man who is a man and can ask without a net. Third, he asks this way because of his lack of confidence and that is just so unattractive on a man.

So finally I said, “Commish, here’s the thing. I am looking for a guy who can say, Elisabeth, I would really like to take you out Friday night, I’ll pick you up at 8.” And you know what? He started yelling at me. About how I’ve led him on and he’s going thru alot right now and he doesn’t need me tearing him down. And then he hangs up on me. I feel bad that I’ve hurt his feelings but hope this means he won’t be calling again. Only he calls an hour later! I don’t answer.

On Friday my best friend was in town and we hit the town. We had a great time. On our way home she drunk dials Commish. Leaves him a message saying she wishes he had gone out with us, she would have liked to meet him, blah, blah. Crap, she wasn’t supposed to encourage him!

Saturday morning my phone rings at 8:30, I don’t answer. He leaves a message, apparently he is really excited he has been “drunk called” and he apologises profusely for yelling at me and hanging up on me. Then Sunday night he calls again, again I send it to voicemail. This time he is angry, apparently he listened to the message and heard me laughing at him in the background. He doesn’t appreciate me or my friend calling him at 2 in the morning. He was singing a different tune yesterday. He has never been anything but nice to me. Yes, he’s been a nice stalker. He took me out on dates and paid for my dinner. Was he thinking he gets points for this? He has never treated me like I have kids. What the hell does that even mean?

And my favorite. He calls me a “redneck bitch” and ends with “never call me again.” I really hope this means he won’t be calling me again. Because seriously, he’s beginning to get a little scary.



  1. What a freak.
    “I never treated you like you had kids?!” What the *does* that mean??

  2. Wow. Sounds scary and irritating. Maybe not treating you like you had kids wasn’t exactly a good thing anyway. Weirdo. Sorry you are having to deal with that.

  3. Ew. That’s creepy. Save the message, just in case.

  4. Whatta douche bag. Him, not you.

  5. LOL – In my defense, I wasn’t given instructions! Just tell freak boy that if he doesn’t back off your best friend is going to come back and kick his non-redneck ass.

  6. WOW, what a freaking psycho. I’d change my number if I were you. And I would really love to know how a woman with kids is supposed to be treated !!! Can I kick his ass for you now or do you want me to wait until later.

  7. Wow. We can do without guys like that! Hopefully you won’t hear from him again.

  8. OMG, This don’t sound good…Get rid of him quick..the “Nice stalker” …seems to be…Ummmm
    Fucking freaking out!!!
    change your number sister (i know, you shouldn’t have to but that might be the only way)…I had a stalker and believe me they are very hard to get rid of…Good luck and be safe and CHANGE THAT NUMBER!!!

  9. Oh em gee! Does he know where you live? He sounds unbalanced! Scary.

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