First love and facebook

February 4, 2009

It was summer, I was thirteen and he had beautiful blue eyes.   I was staying with my grandparents and he lived down the street. He would come over and swim in the pool in my grandparents backyard. He is the first boy I really remember flirting with. And he is the first boy I ever kissed.
My grandparents were entertaining guests by the pool. Jeff asked me to meet him behind the hedge. There beside my grandparent’s driveway, hidden by the hedge, he leaned in and kissed me. It was everything you could ask for in a first kiss. I wouldn’t change a thing.  That was followed by several other kisses each time I visited my grandparents.
But things changed as the years passed. Jeff got into trouble, his parents moved away and I would only hear about him every couple of years when my grandmother would run into his mother.
Then last week I got a text message from my best friend that she had connected with an old boyfriend via the great social network that is facebook. I laughed and my thoughts immediately turned to Jeff. This week I decided to look for him. I typed in his name and up came quite a few matches but only one with those blue eyes.
A couple of clicks and it took less than 24 hours for him to accept my friend request.  The all important facebook question… relationship status…. single.
Just looking at his pictures I can feel the butterflies in my stomach. Those old feelings that would flood whenever I returned to my grandparents and picked up the phone to call him. Those blue eyes, they are the ones I see in my dreams.



  1. Very exciting. Everyone I have tried to find through facebook isn’t there. Oh well.

  2. Congratulations, hope he’s living close by. Facebook is both amazing and crappy in those who you end up finding…

  3. Ohhhh, how awesome. Have so much fun with it !! It’s awesome to find old crushes 🙂

  4. I gotta agree with Mike–amazing and crappy in those who you find. I’ve had a few single ex-bfs and flames “friend” me, but never do anything past that! I don’t have my relationship status on there and I do have pictures of my son, so they might be unsure of what to say. But they could at least say hi!

    Although, some don’t look very good, so I’m kind of glad they haven’t done anything. 🙂

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