The great outdoors

May 2, 2009

Have you ever done the wrong thing for the right reasons?

The kids and I are camping for the weekend. The kids are having a great time – I knew they would. They are playing with other kids, walking to the playground, roasting s’mores and watching movies on a sheet another campsite has set up.

So what is the problem? The friend we are camping with? The relationship is complicated. We aren’t dating but we aren’t just friends. Last weekend he was saying he wanted to go camping and I knew my kids would love it – on the surface it seems simple. But things are never simple when you’re a single mom.

When you’re a single mom you worry that your kids will get attached to a man who they may never see again. You smile when they call him Uncle Bobby and your heart breaks a little knowing how badly they want you to be dating.

I want so badly to just sit back and enjoy our time here in the great outdoors. But all I can think about is the fallout next week.


One comment

  1. Being a single mother makes everything more complicated, doesn’t it. I hate that. (Not the being a mother part, just the complications.)

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