Small town Saturday night

September 1, 2009
I started my Saturday night at a friend’s 30th surprise birthday party. She was completely surprised and the party was a lot of fun. I got to see some friends I hadn’t seen in awhile. As the party wound down a guy I knew from high school asked if I’d like to head over to another party with him. To sweeten the deal he offered to let me drive his truck, for me that’s an offer I can’t refuse.
Let me take just a moment to introduce Keith. I have known Keith since middle school but we never ran in the same circles. The weird part is that a month ago while I was looking at old yearbooks with a friend my thoughts lingered on him, for no explicable reason. So when I looked up and saw him at the birthday party it was uncanny.
The second party was huge. It was a great place for a party. It was on a farm out behind the house. There were people in the barn, out in the field, people had pitched tents, pulled over their campers. I ran into tons of people I knew and with the keys in my pocket I was fine when our conversations took Keith and I in different directions. Occasionally he would bring me a drink or check on me, it was nice.
As the night wore on there was another guy hitting on me. When he wouldn’t take no for an answer I made my way back to Keith, threaded my arm around his waist and whispered “help”. Understanding he put his arm around my shoulder. When the guy winked at me from across the room, Keith gave him the “she’s with me” guy stare. Sigh… there’s just something about a man who will come to your rescue.
After we left the party we drove around for a little while talking. He says, “I saw you at the *** Festival. You looked beautiful but I didn’t think you’d talk to me.” Then he says, “I saw you up at the school with your daughters, you’re such a good mom.” I realised he had seen me a lot over the last year without ever approaching me. It wasn’t creepy or stalkerish, it was flattering.
Finally we ended up back at my house at four in the morning. Not wanting the night to be over but not willing to invite him in, we sat on my back porch. We talked for another hour and he asked, “will you give me your number?” He added my number to his phone and then stood up. He headed for his truck before turning around and saying “can I kiss you?” I looked up, he leaned down and gave me the sweetest kiss. Not too short but not pushing for anything more. Then he got in his truck and drove away.
Oh, internet. My life. I love it.
And BFF, please don’t freak out when I tell you who “Keith” really is.

One comment

  1. Approval granted 😉

    Thanks! Have I mentioned you’re the best BFF ever?

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