My redneck

September 12, 2009

He listens to bluegrass music, has hunting dogs in his backyard and drives a great big truck with a tool box in the back. And I cannot stop thinking about him.

He came over last week to help with a home improvement project I was working on. My hair in a pony tail and shapeless paint clothes on, we had the best time. We talked and laughed. And I learned that this country boy was a whole lot smarter than I gave him credit for and I actually like bluegrass music (some of it.)

Monday night he called to invite me over for dinner but I had the kids. So on Wednesday while the kids were gone I invited him to dinner. When he arrived I had just put the chicken on the grill. He took over the grill and we talked while dinner was cooking.

Talking to him is so natural and even the silence is comfortable. After dinner we sat in my backyard, looking up at the stars. Eventually he rose to go, saying next time he would cook for me. Then he kissed me. Twice more he moved towards his truck but came back to kiss me. And his kisses. Nearly knock me on my butt.

There is no pressure. He’s not pushing for more than I’m willing to give. My redneck is also a gentleman. And that is so refreshing.


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