First game, first win

September 16, 2009

Unless you were hiding under a rock – or ignore sports all together – you know that Tom Brady and the Patriots put together a brilliant comeback Monday night for the win. Since I’m a Pats fan I was pretty excited. What excites me even more? I won week one in my fantasy football league.

This is my 3rd year playing fantasy football. Every year I play in The League of Extra-Ordinary Mules moderated by my friends brother. Both years previously I made the playoffs – mostly by dumb luck! But that hardly matters to me.

To me fantasy football is a symbol of my freedom, my independence. It may seem silly to you but playing fantasy football was one of the first things I did on my own. By myself. Me alone.

When you are a girl who has lived years with no confidence in yourself, when you are so beaten down you actually believe yourself to be worth very little, the simple act of playing fantasty football is intimidating. I actually remember thinking to myself, “you cannot do this, everyone in the league will know how stupid you are, you are exposing yourself.” Instead I fought back my insecurities and signed up.

So this year when I got my annual email invitation about the league I just smiled and accepted. I no longer stress about the others thinking I’m stupid based on how my team does. After all it’s only a game. But more than that, to me it will always be a symbol of stepping out on my own, taking a leap of faith and enjoying this game called life – whether you win or lose the day. Because at the end of the I win no matter what.



  1. I’ve never played fantasy football, but I know what you mean about something making you feel confident. I don’t have anything specific, but sometimes I’ll be doing something and then remember that three years ago I never would have attempted it. That makes me feel so good.

  2. We love having you, thanks for playing!

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