Recognizing the hard truth

September 19, 2009

I was in my kitchen, wiping down the counters, thinking about Keith. When it hit me, I was bordering on obsessive. And it’s not just about Keith. I do this with every relationship I’m in. I think about him constantly, pick apart our last phone conversation or his last text message. “He called me his ladyfriend. What DOES that meeeeaaaaaannnnn?” Seriously! Elisabeth!


That’s it. I started crying, right there in the kitchen. What is wrong with me?

I have a good life. A full life. Kids. Family. Friends. School. Homework. A research project. Full social calendar. Birthday party to plan. A house in desperate need of cleaning. And all I can think about is a boy? AHHHH!!!!

What does this mean? I suppose it’s time to start overthinking this one.


One comment

  1. STOP. IT. NOW. NOW!!!!!

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