The music lives on

November 8, 2009
Awhile ago I remarked that I actually did like bluegrass music. Keith turned me on to this great band, The Gourds.
The problem is, now each time this song comes up in rotation on my iPod it makes me think of him. It wasn’t our song, we were never really together. Things didn’t work out between us, I’m not heartbroken when I think of him. The thing is it reminds me of the mistake, the mistake I take full responsiblity for, that wasn’t his fault. My mistake, that thinking of him reminds me off!
I like the song. I don’t like thinking of him.
What do I do? Dump the song? Keep it in rotation so that eventually it will no longer remind me of him? What do you do internet, when the relationship is over but the songs live on?

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