On the road again

November 25, 2009

Since my split with ex I have traveled north for Thanksgiving. Two years ago the kids and I visited my grandmother, with most of the rest of my family. Last year it was just me and I spent some time with my brother in Boston before heading out to my grandmother’s house for the actual holiday.

So I suppose this is becoming a tradition for me.

To be honest I am pretty glad to be traveling. I just reach this point where I have to get out of town, I begin to suffocate in my small town. My escape to Boston could not be more timely.

First there is the long drive, about 11 hours. To some that may seem daunting. But to me it’s freeing. Nothing but me, the open road, my music and my thoughts. Oh and the kids but they are pretty used to road trips and are pros at packing a bag with stuff to keep themselves occupied.

Second there is the visit with family. I get to see my brothers, who I miss immensely. Plus I get to see my cousins and I love my cousins. Two of my cousins had babies this year, my aunt became a grandmother for the first time and got two within 4 months – she was beside herself this summer!!

Third there is my baby cousin. She is 17 but still we are incredibly close. We are going to go see New Moon.

Fourth there is the memory of my grandfather. He has been gone three and half years now and I miss him. Somehow standing in his home brings him closer, his memory closer.

I’m sure there are more reasons but you get the point. Tomorrow I will be in the land of the Red Sox! Just thinking about it makes the breathing easier.


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