The gift

December 26, 2009

On Black Friday I woke early to walk the aisles and pick up the deals that give the day it’s name. The easy choices came first, the toys for my girls, the items on their lists.

Several hours later I stood in front of the display. I never made a conscious decision, yet there I stood. As if led by my heart. The idea had come to me several months earlier for his birthday but like so often in our relationship the timing had been wrong. This time I picked them up. This time I wouldn’t walk away. This time I would put the gift in his hands. I wasn’t sure when or how but this time I was taking the leap. Once I started I couldn’t seem to stop and over the next month there were several things for him that made their way into my Christmas stash.

Then came the snow. And an admission.

He had not been given a gift in 3 years. His family is small and they don’t exchange gifts among the adults. So for the last 3 years his birthday and Christmas have come and gone without a present to unwrap. My life suddenly looked pampered. With a large, close knit family, the idea that there wouldn’t be a single gift with my name on it was unimagineable.

Our anticipation had been building all week. Finally on Christmas Eve it was time. He opened each one with the same anticipation as my children, exclaimed over each one and eagerly turned to the next. I saved the best for last, the gift that had started it all.

When you care enough about a person to recognise something they lack, without them putting it on a list. When you go to the store and walk along the aisles until you have chosen the item in the right size, color. When you wrap it, tie the bow, an anticipation builds. Seeing him open it and his reaction were everything I had imagined. The gift had made him smile.

In the next days and months, when we have left the snow days and the holidays behind us, he will think of me, every night when he lays his head on his pillow. He will be reminded that there is a woman who cared enough to give him a gift. And that is the real gift.


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  1. Very sweet.

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