We need to talk

February 8, 2010

He loves spending time with me. He loves everything about me. I’m perfect for him. He loves the girls and would do anything to keep them happy. But he doesn’t love me. Not the way a man should. Not the way I deserve.

There are reasons we didn’t, couldn’t have a future. But I am the glass half full kind of girl. I am the love conquers all girl. In the end I believed we could have made it work. But love cannot conquer anything if it isn’t there.

So I suppose I should appreciate his honesty. And maybe tomorrow I will.

But right now. It hurts. Right now. My heart is broken.


One comment

  1. I’m sorry to hear this, maybe it is for the best? Maybe there is something better for you in your future? I know that doesn’t help for today.


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