Pickup Lines

March 11, 2010

Around the corner from work is a convenience store with my favorite soda in the soda fountain. At least once a day I drop in to fill up my cup. One of the clerks is about my age and he never charges me for my drink. Each time I see him we flirt and each time I walk out the door smiling. On Friday, as I stood at the counter for our normal friendly exchange he says “What are you doing later? Besides looking good.” I laughed.

A pickup line. He used a pick up line. On me. The thing is, it isn’t just him. Guys talk to me. Check me out.

On Saturday I was talking to my father, recounting the conversation. I turned to him, “Dad, can you believe guys would use a pick up line on me, ME?” His response, “yes.”

Now perhaps you think I’m being vain or attempting to boast. I’m not I swear. What I’m saying is… there are other fish in the sea. In other words, I don’t have to settle. Out there somewhere is the one for me.

So seriously I won’t be giving the clerk my number anytime soon because, well, he is a convenience store clerk. But I will smile when he uses a line. And I will keep waiting for my prince charming to find me.



  1. It’s nice to feel attractive, even if the guy is someone you wouldn’t be interested in.

  2. Helllooooo?!??! I came here for a clue as to what you were talking about on that other thing, but no clues here. BUT, haven’t I been telling you that you don’t have to settle FOR EVER?!?! Why does no one listen to me?

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