I wish she was

April 7, 2010

Bobby and I are back together.

Not just back together. We are talking about forever. It seems that after weeks of not having us in his life, Bobby has realized he doesn’t want to lose us.

This last weekend I had the kids and we spent most of our time at Bobby’s house. The kids played with the other kids in the neighborhood. My mother came here for Easter dinner. Several of his friends came over for an Easter Egg Hunt.

On Saturday after my daughter’s softball game, several of my friends came back to Bobby’s house with me.

Later several of Bobby’s friends stopped by. They brought with them a guy Bobby hadn’t seen in awhile. We all sat on the back deck talking and laughing. At one point my baby climbed up in Bobby’s lap and put her arms around his neck. Old friend says, “Is she yours?”

His response, without hesitation. “I wish.”

And I know we’re right where we belong.



  1. I’m happy for you.

  2. Wow–this spring has been a rebirth for you! I’m happy.

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